Monday, June 25, 2012

The Next Right Thing

I few days ago (dear readers! you may recall) I blogged about my Law of What Needs to Happen First. It was sequential theory with a bit of the spiritual thrown in.  And, even still, it is hard to reconcile that sometimes a bad thing needs to happen before something good can take its place. This law perhaps cannot be applied to everything. Because, indeed, VERY BAD things happen to children.

See Murders Up in Chicago 60%

You can also read/hear/absorb through the airwaves the Jerry Sandusky story. Even if you wanted to avoid this one, it's been impossible. And every time the radio/TV/newspapers/Facebook reported on it, I felt sick to my stomach, and angry.

But today I received confirmation that even out of this VERY SORRY EPISODE can come the next right thing.

A wonderful woman I met last summer at a writer's conference A Room of Her Own, Dora McQuaid, a poet and activist who worked at Penn State as a voice against violence to women has been chosen (her image) to REPLACE Jerry Sandusky in a mural decorating the outside of the Penn State college bookstore.

Dora told us her story of being a victim of domestic violence. She physically removed herself from the situation and then went on to try to empower other young women to fight back also, using words. Too late for some. Here is a link to story about Dora and the mural.
Also please check out Dora's website and her books.

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