Saturday, June 16, 2012


from left to right: Aunt Mary, Aunt Gwen, Aunt Mart, aunt Izzy (Uncle Bob's wife), Grandma Myers, 1967 Aunt Lucilla & Uncle Jim 50th wedding anniversary
middle is Mom, then me, Nancy, and cousin Debbie

Mom as a WAC, Aunt Izzy, Aunt Jane holding Terry, 1945

Aunt Mart, Mom, Aunt Becky (the fun one), Aunt Gwen looking like Dorothy of Oz, 1943

Aunt Becky as a WAC, and Uncle Bob who had joined the Navy

Mom and Aunt Becky with Gwen in the middle, 1945

Aunt Jane, Mom, Aunt Becky, Aunt Gwen, 1945

"The gang.", Mom is on the end and is still in high school I'm guessing, next to Mom is Gwen, Rose (a friend), Aunt Becky, then Jane, another friend. Photo taken at Upper Sandusky water works.

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