Monday, March 19, 2012

School in a Cart

A friend of mine who is a friend to writers (actually a saint to writers) has turned her energies to a project that combines her love for writing and writers (and her saintliness).

Cheri Peters who used to be the administrative director of the Sewanee Writers Program is giving a boost to a fellow writer’s project called Lift the Lid

Lift the Lid, Inc. helps struggling schools with little more than a roof and four walls. Overcrowded, lacking in tools, teachers and structure, these schools are often the only hope for children brimming with talent and the desire to learn.
We believe encouraging students to be creative instills confidence and hope. It also sends the message that someone cares. Sometimes that’s all it takes to reveal the hidden talent in children and to give them a future.
Join us in encouraging creativity! When you give to one of our sponsored schools, you also show interest in a student’s writing.

Cheri’s parents were involved in missions work in the Philippines and when she read my book Beyond Paradise she felt a real camaraderie with my protagonist. I had to confess to her that as the author I’ve never been to the Philippines—just deeply-imagined a story. Anyway, on the strength of that book and that tenuous connection she brought me into the Sewanee Writer’s Program in 2009. I’ll never forget her kindness and how she reached out to me—as I was among writers of a much higher caliber and reputation.

Please go to

And read about the woman who started the non-profit and also Cheri’s part School in a Cart

Isn’t this fabulous! A teacher pushes a cart through the slums and crowded streets and on the spot recruits students and teaches them right there on the curb.

The school is an alternative, innovative approach to learning that steers the children toward obtaining an education and helps break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty in their families.

Now Cheri is encouraging writers in a global and much BIGGER way. Click on School in a Cart and read their success stories and view the slide show and consider giving toward their goals and wish list. PLEASE.

Wish List:
  • Books, pens and paper;
  • Locally produced materials to teach the children about their culture and heritage;
  • Money for food: $100 can provide 10-15 meals for the children.
Future Goals include:
  • To open a preschool, in addition to “The School in a Cart”; Alfredo and Nonie are currently negotiating with the Women’s Club of Cubao to use their preschool facilities, which have been idle for the past 5 years. Once the space is obtained, it will need to be renovated;
  • To grow their scholarship fund in order to put dedicated students through college.

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