Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For Steve--Mom Really Did Love You

I don't have room for a lot of stuff where I live, but after both my parents passed away this winter (I know, incredibly sad) I asked if I could bring home with me a large collection of pictures. It was a HUGE job. Scads of miscellaneous ephemera and pictures of who? when? why?

Then I stumbled upon an envelope--and truthfully it made me cry. It was full of pictures, some you can tell only taken a second or two after each other, of Mom and my oldest brother, my parent's first-born. Anyway, I never knew this person. Mom looks SOOOOO young and thin and in love with her baby boy. I think the word would be PROUD. Steve--you made Mom proud.


back of this one says at Aunt Sallie's house in Cincinnati

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