Monday, June 6, 2011


I didn't mean Missouri--the Show Me state--I meant . . .

well you get the idea

We all have a lot to lose in this game of defund the arts. Every state has an art legacy built upon the shoulders of brave pioneers who went out there into uncharted territory and created. Whether it was Georgia O'Keefe from Sun Prairie, WI but who popularized the southwest to the pt that she is a painter from New Mexico, specifically northern New Mexico, to Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings from Florida to Steinbeck who wrote about the canneries and migrant camps of Salinas Valley. These states CLAIM these artists. They are good for tourism as there are centers and historical parks dedicated to them now. Can these states really AFFORD to lose tourism dollars?

That's why it makes sense that my grant from the City of Chicago that I received over the weekend came in an envelope from the Office of Tourism--without culture, Chicago might not have a bean, the Art Institute and a thousand other cool things. They might only be left with Michigan Ave. posh shopping stores. Humpf--good luck with that.

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