Monday, June 13, 2011

CAAP Grant

Picked up my grant package today at the Cultural Center, in the Grand Army of the Republic meeting room. Love it!
I am so so so happy Illinois hasn't defunded the arts, and thankful that our new mayor Rahm Emmanuel is a huge proponent for the arts--check out his wiki (he used to be a ballet dancer, little known fact of the former chief of staff, Mr. Sharp Elbows).
On NPR this morning there was more chatter about Kansas and the d-- a-- move to banish the state's arts council. The new plan is corporate sponsorship of the arts. Oh EM Gee. Okay, it might work for Mobil/Exxon and Masterpiece Theater, but really, how many corporations are going to care about the last native grass basket weaver on the prairie??
And I don't blame them, I'd gladly sponsor something where I knew I was going to get bang for my buck. Hence, the Cadillac Theater, Verizon Stadium, Target Amphitheater, the Shell Oil Company presents the Chicago Orchestra. Smaller dance companies, a photographer that captures the last vestiges of decay in urban landscapes (, and Louisa May Alcott up in her garret aren't likely to get covered. Artists taking risks, these are the people who will get left behind when states look to corporations for funding.

My 2 cents--which thankfully, did not get defunded.

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