Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I'm Lying to You

I’m Lying to You  by Najeeb Asmin-Wolfe
  by  J. Hertenstein

  Is it possible to cross the line between writing fiction and living it?

At first I did it just to see. Not really a prank, more of a lark. What could it hurt? Certainly not my reputation already swimming in a sea of uncertainty. I mean who would really know. And, anyway, does it matter?
Call it frustration, the hard knocks of life bowling me over, utter rejection. Desperation. Or maybe I did want to transform myself, be someone other than the miserable person I was. The liar I turned out to be. 

my latest story in the spring 2012 Greensilk Journal 
n I was. The liar I turned out to be.

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