Friday, January 12, 2018

Solo Woman Cyclist: Aren’t you lonely?

Yes. And no. My head is so engaged in the process that while riding it’s hard to be bored. Especially for the JOGLE. Everything was so new and fascinating (and, at times, overwhelming) that getting bored or lonely was way down on the list of what I was processing.

Then at night in my tent or dorm or hotel room I was just so happy to be done and relaxing that loneliness never came up. I think the times when I really wish for someone to share the experience with (aside from if I get a flat—hahaha) is when things are going great or something is so beautiful you wish someone was there with you. Though the truly sublime moment is hard to articulate. During those times sometimes silence is the only response.

Traveling solo has also opened me up to riding with others. Such as on my JOGLE I ran into Alex and we rode together on the Great Glen Way. It’s fun to meet people and compare notes.

Riding companions are important to have when overwhelmed or when particularly physically challenged. They can help spur you on, encourage you up the mountain. But they can also slow you down. I don’t think I have to enumerate the pros and cons of riding solo. Sometimes it’s just how things turn out. The most important thing is to not let it stop you. 

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