Monday, June 19, 2017

On a Bike Tour, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, down the coast of Maine

Route (maybe)

Wednesday, June 14 15:08 (3:08 pm) Halifax 

Thursday, June 15 Halifax Via Lighthouse Trail Via Peggy’s Cove

Friday, June 16 Graves Island ) via Chester Connection Trail

Saturday, June 17 Ovens Natural Park Via Lunenburg Via Blue Rocks Via Mason Beach

Sunday, June 18 Ovens Natural Park to Port Mouton Hostel Includes a ferry (53.6 miles) via NS-331 and Lighthouse Rte

Monday, June 19 Port Mouton Hostel to Cape Sable Island (59.2 miles) via NS-103 W and Nova Scotia Trunk 3 W lunch Shelburne

Tuesday, June 20 Cape Sable Island to Yarmouth via Shelburne County Rail Trail and Yarmouth County Rail Trail

Wednesday, June 21 Yarmouth to Digby via Evangeline Trail/Nova Scotia Trunk 1 E and NS-101 E

Thursday, June 22 Digby to St. Johns, NB to New River Provincial 11 a.m. ferry 30 miles

Friday, June 23 Extra day New River Provincial Exploring Bay of Fundy

Saturday, June 24 New River Provincial Park to  St. Brendan's Retreat Center, Dennysville, ME

Monday, June 26 Dennysville to Mainayr Campground via Down East Sunrise Trail

Tuesday, June 27 Mainayr Campground to Acadia (Mt. Desert Island)
Wednesday, Thursday Explore Acadia

Friday, June 30 Acadia to Deer Isle Hostel

Saturday, July 1 (5.8 miles) via Sunshine Rd Sylvestor’s Cove, 11 a.m. mailboat

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