Friday, November 4, 2016

Hot Flash Friday=Make America Great Again=Halloween

I was reminiscing with someone in their thirties, I know, what do they have to reminisce about, but this person hit the nail on the old pumpkin head. How Halloween has grown into a major American holiday. “When I was little it was just one day. Now my kids are sucked into harvest parties and activities for a whole month—not the least a whole weekend of unending trick or treating.

Growing up it was monumental to carve a pumpkin. Now suburban moms buy a station wagon full and put them everywhere for decorations. Trick or treating was one night only. And, we didn’t drive around and hand-pick the best neighborhoods. We simply walked up and down the streets. We didn’t spend half a year figuring out a novelty costume. I wore what my siblings had outgrown.

Ahh, simplicity.

Anyway, my friend took a garbage bags of random costumes to the Syrian refugees she’s been visiting and mentoring. To say the least, the kids were beside themselves with excitement. I can’t imagine fleeing war-torn Syria, barrel bombs, and food shortages—to end up in America, in Evanston going door-to-door where people HAND OUT FREE CANDY. How great is this place!

You must have a favorite Halloween memory—your first spook house, walking hand-in-hand with your dad, hanging out with your friends, that moment when you realize you’re too old to go trick or treating.

Right now, write!
Welcome to America!

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