Thursday, November 3, 2016

Cubs Win!

 I’m writing this a bit bleary eyed this morning. Last night was truly special. And, I’m not even a hard-core fan. But call it a life-changing moment, that second when the world turns, and you feel a shift. That glimpse when suddenly hope swells and you feel like you are standing on the edge of eternity. It only lasts but a flicker and is gone. Except imagine everyone around you is experiencing the same thing—and it continues to roll over you, like a memory, that you are, indeed, a winner, that all your hard work has been recognized and your prayers heard.

I know there are people out there trying to stop a pipeline, promises broken to the poor and homeless, and just earlier this week, a young man I watched grow up was killed on his bike out in LA. Yeah, there’s still all that, but now this too.

This series (like the election) has showed up the differences in some families. Someone was going to get their heart stomped on. Someone was going to walk away the winner and the other person, well, there is no second place. I have a brother and sister-in-law rooting for the Indians. Last night on her Facebook timeline there was nail-biting tension and exhilaration. Same thing on mine. Whose team was going to pull this thing out?

They might also be a tiny bit on the other side of the political divide also.

How can we stay friends, stay family? How can we let each other have their moment without hurt feelings?

So we have a few more days of this tension until things are decided. And, again one of us is going to be disappointed, crushed, at a loss as to the future. What next?

But, for now I want to live in this space, where Harry Carey, from beyond the grave, is calling the game and all those past players in pinstripes are doing a happy dance.

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