Thursday, June 2, 2016

Places to Submit--Speculative, Fantasy Flash

87 Bedford

We’ll take any great story that can be classified under the umbrella of commercial or genre fiction (romance, mystery, crime, etc). What gets us excited is speculative fiction in all its guises (fantasy, science-fiction, magic realism, surrealism, slipstream, urban fantasy, horror, steampunk, silk punk, cyberpunk, etc).

Flash Fiction
We define flash fiction as stories between 500 to 1000 words. Submitted stories that fall within these limits will automatically be classified as flash. Just like a great short story, a great piece of flash ought to impress us with finesse throughout its entirety, instead of hinging solely on an unexpected twist at the end.
Micro Fiction
For a bigger (or smaller) challenge, send us a work of micro fiction (less than 100 words). Be sure it still tells a “complete story” that has a beginning-middle-end with conflict and resolution. Micro fiction shares a lot of the same elements with prose poetry. We like to think the difference is an emphasis on character and character development rather than on an image.

The Argonaut

– Short
We love flash fiction. Stories between 250 and 1,000 words are some of the best being written today. It’s a form that cannot get enough attention, so another journal to showcase it makes a lot of sense to us.
– Fun
Over time writers tend to write stories simply because they can, they have that talent. What is lost by doing this is the sense of fun and discovery they likely had at the beginning of their careers. The white page should not be a place writers go to do nothing more than what they are able. It should be a place where, like children, they see endless possibilities that bring smiles to their faces. If you didn’t have fun writing your story, it’s probably not going to be much fun for us to read it.
– Polished
It goes without saying that any literary journal will have to endure its fair share of amateur work. However, if you’re serious enough to be submitting your writing for possible publication, you should be serious enough to make sure it’s the best work you can manage at that time. Polish it and make it a goal to present yourself as a professional.

A few likes: magical realism, surrealism, modern fables, innovative structure, lyrical prose, light horror and science fiction, unique voice.

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