Monday, June 20, 2016

More About Meta Fiction

 This is not so much a review as an aside. If on a winter’s night a traveler . . . . is a novel by Italo Calvino.

An experimental novel that explores the intersection of meta fiction and fantasy=surrealism. It is about readers and writers and Italo Calvino.

It is an interesting thought experiment though not an engaging read. Thus, I started but did not finish it. I did find it fascinating. Books like this often feel, to me at least, like a gimmick, where technique is valued over story. AND, believe me, I often think plot is overrated—but at some point I want to be able to begin the story without having to flip back and forth to know what’s happening. At some point I need to begin to care about characters—not wonder in a realm of symbols and metaphor what they represent.

Nevertheless, If on a winter’s night seems way ahead of its time.

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