Friday, May 27, 2016

Hot Flash Friday: Collaborative Letter

Well it's FRIDAY.

And I don't have a clue as to what to write--or even prompt YOU to write. Except I had this idea. A collaborative letter between me and my friend of over 40 years (of course we were infants when we met, more about this later). I tried to think the other day about WHEN DID WE FIRST MEET. So together Jane
Jarrell McSweeney and I put this together (some edits to protect the innocent).

Meeting Jane

When did we first meet?

I believe I first met my friend Jane at a Young Life event downtown, in the city. If one can imagine: the idea of downtown Dayton sounding cool, exciting, the high life. I couldn’t wait to attend. It would start at the YMCA pool and perhaps end at Chris’ (the college age women’s leader) house for an overnight. I think we were also planning on having a late-night treat at Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurant. They had a hot fudge brownie cake to die for.

I remember doing baby laps in a half-size pool the temperature of Nome, Alaska and being introduced to “another” Jane. I knew there must be others out there. Little did we realize we were about to embark upon a lifetime of friendship.

Forty years ago.

Unreliable Dust

Wow. You may be combining a couple of memories. There was a Young Life lock in at the Y, at about that time. I was miserable. I guess those things are fun for teens who like to you know, socialize! Chris absolutely was key. She "discipled" or "trained" us for work crew and it seems like we spent a lot of time with her. The hot fudge sundaes may have been involved at any time. They were good. I remember being at a campaigners weekend retreat with you. Up in central Ohio? And Bob ---- was working the weekend as staff. Was that our senior year? Maybe in the fall? I remember you pointing out that he was my boyfriend and we did not date my whole senior year. Maybe we were introduced at the lock in. How did we get chosen for work crew? I'm glad for that work crew time--I think that in some ways, it changed my life a bit. Solidified some spiritual stuff anyway. Do I remember you from the coffeehouse on Saturday nights? What was it called? The Rock? I think I just put two and two together after I met you and saw your name on the prayer list. Memories rise like dust. Unreliable dust!

Right now, write. Use the technology of Facebook, email, or even a phone call to work on a flash about how you met your best friend, mate, spouse, cousin’s boyfriend’s son-in-law. What do you remember, what do they remember, and put the two side-by-side to see the difference in recall and perception. Happy holidays!

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