Thursday, May 26, 2016

AROHO Looking for Flash up to 500 words

If you’re a woman writer or artist, you’re invited to submit. There are no restrictions as to subject matter and form (other than the necessary word/line limits). We are open to all kinds of work. Along with your creative work in any genre, including artwork, we welcome additional submissions from women who attended the 2015 Retreat Waves Discussion Series, and we’d like to suggest that anyone who has applied for the Gift of Freedom consider submitting some portion of her application. Submit thoughtfully, and check our website for more inspiration as the wave grows.
We are hoping for a mix of established and new voices for this anthology, featuring Maxine Hong Kingston. Hear more about Diane Gilliam's vision as editor here. You may submit unpublished or previously published work. If you are submitting we would be glad for you to invite women writers who have been your teachers and mentors to submit. And in order to find those new voices, we’d also be glad for you to invite your students and women you are mentoring to submit.
As far as length is concerned, we’re looking for:
poems of up to 36 lines
in all other genres, pieces up to 500 words long(and we’d like to keep open the option to sometimes excerpt from submissions, with the author’s permission of course).
Other details:
  • The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2016.
  •  There is no fee to submit. 
  • Accepted pieces (full or excerpted) are unpaid. Contributors receive two copies of the book upon publication.
  • You may submit multiple times and in multiple genres. Please, upload only one poem, essay, story, or image per submission.
  • There are no font or margin requirements, only word limits (500 for prose) and line limits (36 lines of poetry).
  • We accept Word docs, PDFs, JPGs, and TIFFs through Submittable only. No hard mail submissions will be accepted.
  • We will be in touch with applicants to update them about the selection process in mid-September.
We look forward to considering your work!

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