Friday, April 24, 2015

Causing a Landslide

Stevie Nicks=Landslide

What was in her head? Did she know she was writing an enduring hit?

I remember when this album came out and the song “Landslide” was popular. Obviously it was about first love.

Now 40 years later (I know, crazy, right) the song is as big as it ever was. And, now it’s about life changes, how things crash and burn and yet we still go on. It is about relationships that ignite and then burn out, about the best job you’ve ever had and the worst work you’ve ever done, it is about parents getting old, sick, and dying, about children growing up, forgetting to call, then calling to come back and live in your basement.

It is about seasons. Every step of the way you hope you’ll find love and a little bit of comfort.

Did Stevie Nicks ever imagine that her song would resonate through so many generations and renditions? Did she imagine that one day she would be older? She might have aged, but she can still hit the notes.

I know in 1975 I hadn’t yet figured out life (not that I’m any closer) and I had no idea what things would be like when I was older. I don’t think I even cared. But now that I am older and the children are older too, memories swirl and I revisit where I was when I first heard “Landslide.”

For you, Daddy

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