Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Month of Birthdays

I just got over my birthday--it sounds like a sickness. Actually it's a plague.

The first week in November brings about 7 birthdays that need to be observed. Not just a Facebook quickie, but card-worthy. If not even out to eat necessary.

So for the third time this week I was fĂȘted--even as I fĂȘted and lauded others.

While at the same time Christmas keeps coming soon. Maybe it is the desperation of retailers who this year have to contend with a "late" Thanksgiving--throwing everything off. But the past two days, days out celebrating, I've heard Christmas music playing in the stores and walked through Macy's where the windows are decorated and the floors displays are all about the "holiday."

A little sad really. That things do no have a time for every season. The seasons all get rushed. No wonder people feel crazy. Global warming and our own internal clocks are throwing the planet off-kilter.

Or maybe I'm getting old. The years keep rushing by. And the only people who seem to notice and long for the days when Halloween was Halloween and Valentine's Day didn't come until February, are people my age.

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