Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I've been shortlisted!!!

The Red Line: Writing for Citizens of the Global City

Please check out my story here at The Red Line an on-line journal for international writers and readers. A journal without borders.

And, oddly enough, their first call of submissions had to do with the theme: Borders.

And, oddly enough, your truly has been shortlisted. You cannot “vote” for me, but check out my story (Vigeland Park) here. Hint. 

It is about Norway, life, death, and the human condition, told in that wry way I have. *On a personal note I have been trying to place this story for over a year. I never lost faith that it would find its audience.

ALSO read the fabulous others on the list.

Designated Staircase Number Two by Sophie Monatte
The Gold Mountain by Jay Merill
The Odyssey of Marius Kolgar by Graeme Lottering
First Memories by Nena Callaghan
Fuel for the Fire by Geraldine Creed
Aubergine by Steve Thompson
Comment below and tell me what you think. I love being short!

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