Monday, July 9, 2012


A shot from the viking funeral. So epic. Photo by Laura Roberts

May the community you shared continue, for now and always.
That feeling of being with friends, I pray it will nourish you. Remember: you are never alone.
Realize this—that your best-ever time at Cornerstone is only a mirror of what we can expect when we travel to that forever festival.
Bands may crash and burn, reunite only to eventually split apart, but we know the music will go on.  
If you have learned one thing from all of this, let it be to stay open. So many of us shared stories of coming with preconceptions and leaving with a much BIGGER picture of the kingdom of God. Yay! Christian Feminist Tent!
Take with you the love of thousands of other like-minded people, the embers of 29 years of sunsets, and a million tiny moments of joy.
Go in peace.


2WeeMonsters said...

Beautiful, Jane. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Well said Jane. Blessings.

Unknown said...

Benedictions are more important than people often realize, and this was beautiful.

Cindy said...