Tuesday, December 20, 2011

From your loving old granny

When I was going through my dad's stuff found an old birthday card to him from his "Granny"
she was a wise woman from the hills of Kentucky; she possessed a simple and profound faith and thought I would share it.

A happy birthday wish for you from Granny Feeback

Dear Grandson
I have been trying to write you for some time but found out I do not have your address, but got it in time for your birthday. I hope. It seems a long time since I seen you, but it has only been a year. Still a year seems a long time to not see the ones you want to see so bad. But I hope you are all well. I am very well. Of course I don’t feel like I did when I was young, but I am the same old Granny. I miss Granddaddy as much as ever and I guess I always will. I have a very good place to live now and a good Christian woman to live with I like fine here and I hope won’t be moving anyways soon. I like Mrs. Stephenson very much, and she seems to like me. We attend church together and both belong to the same church.

I was so uneasy about you when you was on your trip. I prayed for you all the time that God would keep you safe from accidents, harm or danger in any way and send you back home to your family, for they need you so much. And now I have so much to thank God for now that you are back. How is Ann and the boys? You do have such a interesting family. I hope you go to church and to Sunday school all the time, and I hope you are united with the church, and are living right. We owe it to our children. I know you are just as good as you can be in your own strength, but there are some things we to look to God for.

Give my love to Ann and the boys and come to see me when you can. Hope you have more and more happy birthdays.
From your loving old
Granny Feeback

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