Friday, December 2, 2011

Beyond Paradise

A YA historical novel written to ask ourselves: What makes you happy? Is it place, family, or something deeper, inside of you. Beyond the externals--despite time limitations, the lack of money, privacy, the ability to travel or do whatever you want.

I know this is a hectic time of year, but please check out Beyond Paradise. Here is a small clip that appeared on the back cover of the hardback edition.

“I used to listen to this shell before going to bed at night in the internment camps. It reminded me that out there, beyond the fences, the guards, the machine guns, was freedom. I couldn’t get enough of hearing the waves wash the beach. I loved the sound of unbroken movement.”

And, if you could, please. Go to: the Amazon Kindle page

and "agree" with the tags. What I mean is:
scroll to the bottom to Tags Customers Associate with This Product
agree with these tags

Heard this type of action HELPS my book. Of course this is all voodoo.


ALSO if you know anyone interested in military history--specifically the Pacific theater, Beyond Paradise might be a nice gift idea. Hint, hint.

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