Thursday, August 4, 2011

Only 3 More Days!

"Solitude, competitiveness and grief are the unavoidable lot of a writer only when there is no organization or network to which she can turn."—Toni Morrison

What We Know:
Powerful things happen when creative, dynamic AROHO women meet.
The high desert of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Ghost Ranch is a place of unique inspiration and energy.
Taking time apart for oneself and one’s work fosters unique artistic transformation, fresh work, and startling insight.
Sometimes writers get stuck. Sometimes we need a shake, a shove, a push. Sometimes just an encouraging word.

What We Propose: Shake it up, together!
Consider joining an honest discussion among craftmasters in a thriving literary community of eighty women. Everyone speaks. Everyone listens. The AROHO Retreat is designed not around the needs of students, but from the passions of peers. AROHO women are building this retreat with their enthusiasm and concerns, and you could be part of it all.
At the 2011 AROHO Retreat we will: Gather. Engage. Write. Transform. 

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