Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Wow! What a day!

I've lived four--maybe 5 lifetimes today. I get up QUITE early to cook breakfast for the community--about 350 people. And on Wednesdays I have to transition quickly, get on my bike, and make it to the Green City Market where I sell Flamin' Fury Peaches. I got done at 1 pm and hopped on my bike and decided to REAL QUICK visit a friend. Well, with these people nothing is quick. I got invited upstairs to a luncheon--yes, it was nice--wonderful after-lunch espresso, good conversation. I love this kind of spontaneity. Then in the middle of that I remembered my dentist appt. Yes! I was going back to the Art of Modern Dentistry--hoping for a teeth cleaning. I got there with five minutes to spare on my bike. I got the DEEP CLEANING--and boy does my mouth and teeth feel GREAT. I will add that they were very kind and gentle and did a thorough and excellent job. I plan to amend my blog from a few days ago--update it, I guess.

Then I got home just in time to turn around and grab the camera for this:
That's President Obama!!! He's at the Aragon Ballroom for his 50th Birthday party/fund raiser.

I wonder what other great things are in store for me tonight.

All this on top of hearing Paul McCartney at Wrigley. Of course, we didn't have tickets. We had poor man seats outside the stadium where we could hear EVERYTHING.

I LOVE this town.

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