Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer blogging

I know, I know, I've been quite lax, but I promise you a better, bigger blog tomorrow.

Tomorrow, tomorrow.

Anyway, blame it on summer, blame it on a body in motion tends to stay in motion--and a body in blogging tends to stay blogging. With breaks in between, it's hard to get going again.

But I've been READING blogs--and here's one from Jane Yolen, ACCLAIMED author and poet:
A Writer's journal
about spinning plates and her advise on keeping our stuff out there in the big world.

Here's a snip:

I always tell writing students of mine that they should try and have seven things (at least) working for them at all times . . . .

....if you only have one thing out there, it could (literally) take years before you hear anything at all. Publishing is a slow death by inches unless you are self-publishing.

So true, so true. Anyway at the moment I have 5 short stories circulating, 2 novel ms with my agent, maintaining this blog, working on oral histories with senior citizens, shelter once a week where I facilitate TWO groups, market at Green City 2x a week where I sell fruit for the Flamin'Fury Peach guy, heading up a rocking critique group, plus revising a new novel ms, AND trying to get my older out of print stuff up at Amazon kindle and on other platforms for downloads.

All of this keeps ME spinning. I'll keep you updated as stuff sells or is placed over the next couple of months--see--I intend to have good news soon!

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