Friday, July 29, 2011

The Art of Modern Scamming

There is not much I have. In fact most of the time I feel pretty powerless. I'm in the arts. Let's leave it at that.

Thus, I have no real health or dental insurance. But I am smart--or so I thought. I had been actively looking for Groupon or other such deals for basic teeth cleaning. I've seen them pop up over time and waited until one came along on Living Social. For $69 I was promised a basic teeth cleaning, x-rays, and exam. Wow!

The deal was on!

I made an appt earlier this week at the Art of Modern Dentistry on Southport and went in this morning REALLY looking forward to coming out with that clean teeth feeling--you know where your tongue can find the cracks between your teeth, where if you inhale suddenly you can hear the air whistle in between. What I ended up with was humiliation. After spending at least an hour x-raying my teeth I was presented with a bill for $492. Ha!

Really, I laughed. They said because of some hygienic law they couldn't do the basic cleaning and that I needed a DEEP CLEANING. Listen , I know I don't have the best teeth--long story, ice skating accident over 25 years ago (NEVER let your children ice skate!)--but I never once thought the deal was a scam. That is until that moment. The moment The Art of Dentistry refused to clean my teeth.

See Yelp reviews


First of all, they didn't properly clean my teeth. Even after I complained, they still did not do a good job the second time.

Then they took extra x-rays without even asking me and had to the nerve to charge me!

Then they said I had a cavity and I would need to get a crown done at $1,000. I went to my dentist in Detroit for a second opinion and found out that there was not even a cavity there. Second, my dentist said there was no reason to get a crown if it was a cavity.

It was the biggest amount of BS that I experienced. I have never had such a horrible experience with a dentist. The dentist was nice but clearly it was all an act.

It was then I silently removed the little napkin clipped under my chin, got up, and retrieved my purse out of the closet. All the staff had suddenly disappeared. I felt like a real tool for falling for and paying $69 for the deal--with what to show for it--pricey x-rays? The receptionist said I could contact Living Social about getting my money refunded.

I left feeling ashamed--which is worse: knowing you have bad teeth or the knowledge that you can't do anything about it because you are too poor OR that you were suckered into thinking you could have a teeth cleaning for $69???

Once home I did contact Living Social--yes, of course, there was no one to answer my call. And then I discovered this:
 The problem I see with is that I don't believe they do any due diligence when it comes to what businesses they partner with and promote on their site!

I'm not alone in being ripped off. There were hundreds of complaints against Living Social on the Internet.

Well, if all I have is my ability to write, then here it is: If you Living Social have made your business on the Internet, then the Internet can TAKE IT AWAY. If you, Social Living have relied upon social networking for your business, then you will be crushed by social networking.


JasonParke said...

Jane -

Thank you for your feedback! We are truly ashamed of your perception of our office and will make this right! You WILL be taken care of properly. I promise.



ps - I am sitting next to Sandra - the person with whom you just spoke!

Jane Hertenstein said...

Okay Sandra
The DEAL IS ON! Thank you for calling and I accept your apology and your OFFER of a DEEP CLEANING--at least that is what I thought I heard you offer. If not, let me know. After writing my blog I drowned my sorrows in sugar and now, more than ever, need my teeth cleaned. I'll keep my readers apprised as to how this all turns out.
Anyway I'm overwhelmed at the power of the pen--now if only wars could be waged this way, there would be no more killing.