Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Real

Remember how I last wrote that I wanted to make people uncomfortable. Well, watch this:
It is a first-person account of the RECENT Joplin, MO tornado. It depicts a crowded backroom at a convenient store where 18 or 19 people have gathered. We don't know if they know each other. Obviously some have come there together, but mostly they are thrown together because of a disaster. And then . . . .

About half way through you start hearing people say I love you. They are saying good bye. It's amazing in one way because this is life boiled down to its most basic. It's not about stuff or plans for tomorrow or the normal routine. You can actually feel in your gut the REALNESS in this first-person account video.

Yup, it's intense and very uncomfortable.

I've also tried to be real with myself--am I simply watching/listening to be voyeuristic. Honestly, I am. but that's also why I read certain things. I want to live vicariously. We are drawn, however much it makes us squirm, to look, to listen, because as observers we are at a safer distance from those actually experiencing.

So after watching this and after the panic subsides, go call your grandma.

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