Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Brief Word About Hope

Maybe it's spring, the scent of new in the air or maybe it's my daughter coming home for a few days before continuing on to her job in Yellowstone.

Or maybe it's about change. The trees changing, buds budding, the fact that the sun is shining.

The last few years here in Chicago I've had a mentor I'll call Esther and she is terrific. In fact this is one of her most-used words. She's had a steadily growing career as a writer, writing coach, and writing instructor. Though she's reminded me that it hasn't all been up, there have been downs too. but one thing she told me that has stayed with me is that hope is good.

So maybe what I'm feeling is spring hope. I just recently sent out a new round of stories to literary mags and my agent--the one I went back to, despite some concerns--is taking my ms around to different editors. It always makes me think something is just around the corner when my stuff is out there, circulating in the universe, just like hope. It might come back, it might get trampled or overlooked, but it gets rejuvenated, before going right back out.

Enjoy your spring. Live in THIS moment. Kiss a baby, call your mom, and buy yourself an ice cream

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