Monday, April 18, 2011

Laura Miller @ Salon

I've just discovered a columnist I enjoy reading @ Salon--and no, it isn't Annie Lamott, who I wish still wrote for them. Well, I think she does sometimes.

Anyway, Laura Miller wrote a review for Wendy McClure's new book, The Wilder Life--her memoir of wishing she was Laura Ingalls Wilder. It's like she's copped MY own fantasy. I was always playing Little House in Suburbia and wishing I had someone to call Ma and Pa. My own parents didn't cotton to such endearments. In fact they were about as far away from homespun as one can get--as they liked to say, we grew up during the Depression for Godssake! That experience alone gave them the right to consume and the fact that Dad had pulled himself up by the bootstraps--on the GI Bill--meant that all those other schmucks should do the same. They were and still are virulently anti-government--while they have enjoyed the fruits of the "greatest generation."

Anyway! Again back to Laura Miller. Here is a link her review of Wendy's book.Wendy I discovered lives in Oak Park, Illinois. So somewhere I should have run into her in the small literary world of Chicago that I gadabout. Actually I don't because 1. I go to bed at ten o'clock and 2. I don't drink--and always I feel like I have to apologize for that. At writer's conferences I'm the one standing there with ice water with about as much enthusiasm as a cold drink. I lack punch.

Anyway!! I really, really want to get this book. I love the idea of a Laura fan memoir.

Here is Wendy McClure's website.

Also Laura Miller has also written about James Frey, the fake I love to hate--and he has something new out for Easter, a hoax about Jesus. Is there anything this guy does that is genuine? Does he have a radar for doing books that get under people's skin--but STILL MAKES MONEY. That is the biggest irritation of all.

Laura's comments here about that atrocity


Sheila said...

Is this the same Wendy McClure who is an editor at Albert Whitman?

I could check myself.


Jane Hertenstein said...

it tis