Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm taking things easy this morning as I was taken down by a 24-hour flu. Classic. One minute I was perfectly fine, with numerous plans for my Wednesday when BAM! It happened that fast.

It was the kind of sick that while prostrate and writhing you find yourself hallucinating, hearing things not there and conjuring up memories and half-memories. I kept thinking about being on a moving train--did I mention I was nauseous--somewhere in Greece, in a small closet bathroom (train bathrooms are incredibly small and compact). Actually this was my experience in Greece in 2007 where I found myself ill from a water-borne bug. There's nothing worse than traveling while sick, except if its in a foreign country and you're stuck on a train. There was nothing to do, but to keep moving and hope at some point to lay down in a bed.

I think I'm better now after being knocked down and derailed. There is so much on the plate for today and tomorrow to get ready for the busy weekend. At least I'm not planning a lamb cake

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