Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Making Memories

Whenever anything happens in our family, usually something of the bad sort, we try to lighten the moment by saying: well, at least we’re making memories. Like the camping trip when the rain NEVER stopped. We huddled inside the tent door flap for a break in the weather. Well at least we’re making memories. We run out of gas and have to flag down a ride to the gas station. You get the picture. “Making memories” is the redeemable part we can take away from a catastrophe or a bad situation.

Of course when my husband and I argue we don’t later have a laugh and say afterward, well at least we were making memories, because there are some things too horrible to ever come out right.

But this past weekend falls into the category of “making memories.” We’ll forever remember this as the Christmas that Mike got his gallbladder out. Totally unexpected—which I guess is a good definition for emergency surgery. We had a good evening welcoming our daughter home from college. Ate some takeout and then because we were all a bit tired from travel and waiting and making mini-memories, we went to bed. Three hours later my husband woke up in intense pain.

So we’ve gotten off to a memiorous start to our holidays. Hope to hear from readers about your precious moments. Hope all your days are memoirous.

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