Friday, February 1, 2019

Mad About You

This is how you know you’re getting old: you Google=that song where the singer does that thing.

If I even had a clue I’d be able to narrow the search. It’s like having your navigation turned on but forget where you’re going. Thankfully someday we’ll all be using Google just to complete sentences.

So I think (but can’t remember) that’s how I stumbled upon the 80s song Mad About You by Belinda Carlisle. And then, I remembered. That hair, those earrings, the shoulder pads. Floral dresses and . . . the jean jacket.

In the early 80s I had hair that length, that color of blonde, hoop earrings—but not the jacket. I really really really wanted the jean jacket. We were particularly poor in the 80s and the few times I went shopping at the Brickyard Mall (since demolished). I priced the jean jackets but they were too much. There was a sort of jean jacket, the kind that wishes it were a real jean jacket, but not as hip or cool. I tried it on and rolled up the cuffs, and there was this weird lining. I bought it anyway.

Mad About You released in 1986, I remember it as if it were yesterday. A certain playfulness, carefree, staying up all night talking, watching the sun come up. Something we had then that we don’t have anymore.

Like the jean jacket, long given away.

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