Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Take care of others

Have you been charting the upcoming temperatures predicted for Chicago?


Translation: Holy Mother of Vortexes! Or is it Vorexi? Either way—send help. More than a St. Bernard with a barrel of hot chocolate. We need to hold hands.

That’s what an email I received last week promoted. It was an icy morning and a friend wrote to warn me and others in an in-house thread to be careful of treacherous sidewalks and crossing the street. He said to hold hands.

That directive really resonated with me. It sounded so warm and cozy. Friendly. Not angry or political. I think even the #MeToo Movement might even agree—non-threatening. It is the opposite of a government shutdown or shouting match. It means coming together and caring.

After reading that email I ran some errands. I passed old ladies, a gentleman with a wheelie walker—snow dusting the shoulders of his jacket, half-way house residents with their coats thrown open to the cold. I wanted to hold their hands.

Let’s take time to make sure our neighbors have groceries, their water is running, that they are staying warm during this especially cold time.

Thank you.
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