Thursday, November 29, 2018

That Time of Year--again

"Advent" by James Schuyler

Open my eyes on the welcome
rosy shock of sunshine.

Open the first little door
of my Advent calendar:

a darling hobby horse
on wheels. Open

the window a crack: and
quickly close it against

a knife-like draught. The day
looks warmer than it is.

My other job is helping to curate art at Wilson Abbey/Everybody's Coffee--here is a glimpse at our current project #biggestadventcalendar

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Come and See

Wilson Abbey Windows #biggestadventcalendar are back! Located at 935 W. Wilson Avenue in Chicago, the three-story building will again unveil each day of Advent a new window decorated with seasonal images.

Beginning December 1, celestial themes with a mix of magic realism will occupy each window, culminating with the final center window December 25. “This year there will be doves in outerspace,” says building manager and co-founder of Everybody’s Coffee, Karl Sullivan. “For instance the Tuskegee Airmen represent the Three Wisemen.” New this year will also be a Winter Wonderland in the ground floor windows of Everybody’s Coffee.

According to Karl Sullivan: “Our objective is to show the intensity and beauty of the Advent season.”

The windows will be composed of mixed media such as sculpture, textiles, innovative lighting, as well as layered paintings. Designers and artists are Karl Sullivan, Suzanne Stewart, Genesis Winter, and Diane Borden.

Wilson Abbey and Everybody’s Coffee invite you to Come and See. Follow them on Instagram and at Facebook=Wilson Abbey Windows and at Twitter using the #biggestadventcalendar. Stop by every day for a new reveal. As you drive by 935 W. Wilson Avenue be sure to look up!

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