Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Writing Update:

Recently been working on edits with my editor Nancy Sayre at Golden Alley Press for my upcoming novel Cloud of Witnesses (FALL 2018). This is one side of my brain.

Also been working on a hybrid poetry slash prose chapbook about Art Week at Great Spruce Head Island. A project that has almost no future as a niche work. BUT if you know someone who loves the New York School of Poets and appreciates quotidian observations laced with melancholy let me know. I’m looking for a reader/critiquer/breathing person to give feedback. Maybe @Eileen Myles?!

Then there’s also You Are Here: A Flash Memoir—that’s getting little to no traction. I produce enough work to keep a single critique group in motion. Yet this has been the year where I struggle to find that group. After several years of maintaining a circle of readers, I’ve suddenly been floundering. There have been some nibbles and false starts, but so far nothing has gelled.

Still waiting to hear if “Arriving at Night” advances to be included in Pushcart anthology. I think I’ll hear more in April.

Finally, an acceptance! A small flash fiction-ish piece called Celebration of Life in the Vassar Review, to be included in an upcoming print edition. Whew!

In about 3 weeks I leave for the Festival of Faith & Writing in Betsy DeVoss country (Sad!), but I look forward to meeting authors and being introduced to some really fabulous literature. I lead a Festival Circle on Flash Memoir.

Stay tuned for more updates (hopefully).
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