Friday, February 2, 2018

Paperbacks Available at CreateSpace/Amazon

On a stress factor scale this week I’ve topped out. I’ve joined a gym doing boot camp plus I’ve been converting files to CreateSpace in order to make the titles that I have rights for over into physical paperbacks. It’s hard, but for my own good.

Who could’ve guessed that formatting and working out would feel the same? Yet each new exercise comes with a steep learning curve.

Both the boot camp and CreateSpace were something I’d had planned and knew I needed to get to. They were hanging over my head and just needed me to get into the head space for. And both are leaving me quite exhausted. Until I scream, No more!

I joined boot camp because I’m getting as big as a house and not getting any younger. I need to be able to walk down the hallway and climb the ladder to my loft bed. Also I’m planning a 1,000 mile bike ride early summer. CreateSpace is necessary because I’ve had people asking for physical copies of my books and I also need copies for conferences and workshops I’m doing.

At boot camp I swear I’m the biggest klutz there. Just when I think I’m getting the hang of a new exercise the instructor switches things up. I’ve been going for three weeks now and  just to have the stomach muscles to cough is a feat. Last week my quads got a workout making it almost impossible to stand up. I have to use the table to hoist myself up. Weights made my arms ache, thus lifting my arms to put on a coat felt like moving heaven and earth. To watch me in action is cringe-worthy. My arms and legs are flailing as if I’ve come unhinged. The instructor always adds especially for me: “for our newer class members, you only have to do half of this. And Jane, if you want to—just do whatever you can.”


With CreateSpace I’ve made every mistake possible and what should probably take ten minutes takes me half a day. And, even then, I leave for a walk hoping that by the time I get back the computer will have magically fixed all the stuff I wasn’t sure about. Sometimes I have no idea why my cover has been refused or the interior is wrong—or why I can’t find a certain file after I spent all day on it.

All I know is that when I’m done, I’m gonna be rock hard and ready.

Freeze Frame: How to Write Flash Memoir is out in paperback

365 Affirmations for the Writer in paperback

Beyond Paradise is in paperback

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