Monday, October 30, 2017

Riding Bikes on a Warm October Night

Next to last weekend in October
we leave the campfire mid-way through
with the idea we will go for a ride

We see the city lights from Montrose Point
we ride the lakefront path in semi-darkness past
the golf course
the tennis courts
the batting cages
the dog park
the quiet zoo
streets deserted, riding into
the heart of the city as if it were
a full moon

At a certain point the wind picks up leaves
scatters them before us
a swirling yellow tide
and I try to say it makes me feel
sad, a sense of transience
and you say in English your second language
how the blowing leaves always makes you feel

We are both right
a moment pregnant with happiness and sadness
is bittersweet

We rode home content.

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