Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Order today Freeze Frame: How to Write Flash Memoir

Many of us are looking to write memories—either in the form of literary memoir or simply to record family history. This how-to book looks at memoir in small, bite-size pieces, helping the writer to isolate or freeze-frame a moment and then distill it onto paper.

Flash is generally anywhere between 1,500 words to as few as 66 (I've seen 6-word memoirs!).

Since I began exploring the genre I've had over 30 flashes published. Lately I've also been teaching Flash Memoir. so this how-to book is a summation of my process, the approach I take to flush out a flash.

Even if you are only interested in flash, or only in memoir, or only in fiction--I believe there is something in this small book that you can take away.

Order Freeze Frame: How To Write Flash Memoir TODAY!

If everyone who visits my blog downloads a copy I will become a millionaire and I promise to flash about it.

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