Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Think, think again

When is a truck not a truck—
When it kills 84 revelers after a fireworks display
On a busy boulevard
When is a plane not a plane—
When it is used as a missile and
Flown into tall buildings
When is a train no longer a train—
When it becomes a bullet bomb
Mail, parcels, parties
Bible studies, peaceful protests
University classrooms
Can you think of any other ways
Where everyday life, the ordinary
Has been co-opted? Where something
Like eating at a restaurant, watching a soccer game,
Walking your dog, attending a concert
Have been turned into the most horrific
Moment of your life—
Can you imagine?
Think, think again . . . 
seaside promenade, palm trees, rollerbladers, ice creams stands=all take on new meaning

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