Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Facebook Memories

It’s always something new at Facebook—except a button to change things back to where they were.

Lately they’ve added a new feature. Facebook memories. Borrowing from your own timeline, Facebook will post something from your past. The first couple of times I smiled. The memory was precious.

But the last couple have been painful, which got me thinking. What about the couple who has now split? Or the accidental death of a loved one? Or any number of scenarios where the past thrown back at us brings heartache.

I’m sure I can google and find out how to turn this feature off. I can go to Facebook support and under a pull down menu select what my problem is and then receive an automatic response saying they have received my message, and it is in the queue. Whereupon I receive another message asking how that response was. If my problem has been resolved.

No, and no, and no.

Sometimes there is no resolution to hard memories. They continue to haunt us, make their way back to the forefront of our mind. There is no escape from Facebook and Facebook memories.

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