Monday, May 4, 2015

Misty's Story

“I Don’t Have To Run Anymore” – Misty’s Story

My mother was a former nun. She left the convent to take care of my grandmother. All my life she has been a Christian woman, a great listener. She’s a very non-judgmental person. Every time I got in trouble she was there for me. To this day, she’s my best friend. My father worked two jobs. He provided for us and worked hard but he was an alcoholic. We didn’t see him much. My parents divorced when I was 5. As I got older, I wanted love and I went looking for it.

When I reached my teens I started to drink and smoke marijuana. I was looking for affection and attention. At fifteen I became pregnant and I dropped out of high school. After I had my baby, Carlos, I got work at a local grocery store and by 16 I had my own apartment. Rent was $300 a month back then. My aunt helped with babysitting.

I was 19 when I found out I was HIV positive. . . TO READ MORE CLICK HERE

Cornerstone Community Outreach, the shelter where I volunteer, is experiencing a gap in finances (the amount of time between expenditures and when the city promises to reimburse).

We could use your help:
 1) go to and enter your email address in the box to receive CCO's most recent eLetter. 2) Forward to friends and family, letting them know about this opportunity to participate in this amazingly creative and effective outreach to at-risk women, children, families in Chicago. 3) Also, participate yourself. Cornerstone Community Outreach could use $ome participation this month. Thanks.

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