Thursday, December 11, 2014

Seasonal Poems from My Boy, James Schuyler

This past weekend I went down to Columbia College (here in Chicago!) for the annual Chicago Book Expo. I'm fairly modest when it comes to purchasing books and journals. I simply don't have the income to buy as much as I want. My priority first and foremost is to support my friends--thus I bought Pig Park while at The Book Cellar. Anyway, I just HAD to buy a journal called the Court Green when I saw that they had a section in a particular volume dedicated to James Schuyler. Fans of this blog know that that's my boy.

It always seems that around this time of year I like to spotlight his poem December ("Katherine going on five" is Katherine Koch who contributed an article about Jimmy in the Court Green) and the Zen-like Advent.

Here is a throwback to an earlier blog: I Just Can't Help Myself, where I have written out part/all of these poems.

--The day looks warmer than it is.
Jimmy and Liz by Fairfield Porter

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