Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Campsite #7 Newport State Park

So we went away for the weekend and outside of coming home to find out my computer had re-started and Internet Explorer had replaced Firefox as my default browser--everything went fine. Great, in fact!

I got several signs. One of which was before we even left and I was packing up the car. It was early and no one was around when I saw 2 cardinals on the fire escape, a male and a female. My husband wasn't quite convinced. What were they doing? he asked. I wasn't sure what the right answer was, so I responded: mating.

Then while swimming in our own private cove on Lake Michigan I saw a bald eagle fly over and settle in the tree top of a dead tree. He watched out over me.

The weather was so perfect--perhaps even a bit on the chilly side--which made nighttime fires so pleasant.

The above pic shows a hearty oatmeal I prepared over an open fire with thimble berries growing wild in bushes around our campsite added in!

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