Friday, February 7, 2014


Just got my copy of FLASH, the International Short-Short Story Magazine with my essay: The Mystery of Memory--or How to Write Memoir-ish. The journal is out of the University of Chester in the UK. It's great to see a school with a Creative Writing Program with an emphasis on micro fiction and non-fiction.

Keep your ear to the ground--as I'm going to be leading a class at OCWW (Off Campus Writers Workshop) in Winnetka March 27th on Writing Your Memoir, Scene by Scene

We all have fantasized at one time or another about what famous celebrity will play us in the movie of our life. With this seminar Jane Hertenstein will help you isolate significant life moments and translate them into scenes. Some issues she will explore are working with composite characters, streamlining events, creating creative non-fiction, and finding the arc in your story. Life is made up of a number of episodes.

I'll be taking manuscripts. Yay!!

Currently (like this past week) been busy writing press releases, ad copy, blogs, and notes to go inside Valentine cards. 2014 has officially launched.

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