Thursday, October 24, 2013

You, Me, all of Us

What we talk about
when we talk about
The Walking Dead.
Are we talking about
life without coffee?
Tea-colored skies, choked
with smoke and ash and residue.
Or are we talking about sleepless nights,
sleepless days, hell
no sleep at all?
Because there are no
days, only nights,
and we’re tired to death.
Tired of government
big, small, not at all.
Tired of media, talk radio,
Obamacare, who cares?
What we talk about
When we talk about
zombies, or the “other,”
the enemy, the devil,
the felon, the ex-con,
homeless, tramp, hobo,
homo, Roma, trans,
the teacher, the cop, the
man at the top, 
the Mexican, migrant
immigrant, ignorant, illegal,
alien, Martian, cosmonaut.
When we talk about
The Walking Dead
we’re usually talking about

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