Monday, June 24, 2013

The Runniest Church in America

A bold challenge, I know, but if you know of any others—please contact me and I will post here. This year in 2013 Jesus People USA Evangelical Covenant Church comprises more than half of the 73 runners committed to running to end homelessness for TEAM CCO. So far 36 church members are in marathon training. TEAMM CCO is an organized charity running group where participating runners run the Chicago Marathon and at the same time raise money for Cornerstone Community Outreach. 
a third of the TEAM CCO runners gathered for National Running Day, June 5th
 A few years ago CCO the shelter I am associated with (doing programming and creative writing workshops) began a program called Strive 4 More, based upon the principle that one person could, by asserting effort, make a change. Actually more than one person. Anybody could strive for more. The program worked well motivating school children to get up and get out and exercise and, in collaboration with Strive 4 More, collect donations for the shelter and the city’s homeless and underserved.

That program folded into TEAM CCO.

From their website:
Cornerstone Community Outreach assists over 400 people daily with housing, meals and the support to get back on their feet.  And the Bank of America Chicago Marathon will change your life!  Run and feel better about yourself while at the same time helping raise funds for those in need. In 2012 as a team over $15,600 was raised to directly help the homeless.

Benefits for those who run and fundraise for Team CCO

If already registered, your registration fee will be refunded once you hit your minimum!
—access to your own team fundraising page and help with how to fund-raise
—training plans and recommendations to certified personal trainers that will help personalize diet and training
—Team CCO runners can reserve dorm housing and save on hotel expenses
—pre-race spaghetti dinner and post-race THANK YOU banquet
—drop off at starting line and van pick up at finish
—Team CCO performance shirts for training and running

Runners Requirements

-Fundraising required minimum of $300* and recommended to set a goal of $1200.
-Self-register with unique link, password and redemption code from Team CCO (will be provided after accepted)
-Train and have fun!
If interested in DONATING or sponsoring a team member go here: Crowdrise

FYI—the church is also known as the walkiest church—see the Hunger Walk! This weekend!

Last year 61 walk for Cornerstone Community Outreach—this year TWICE that number.

Here is the link to DONATE directly to Hunger Walk for CCO.
- Each person walking on behalf of CCO supplements our food budget by 214 pounds.
- Over the past two years hunger walkers have supplemented CCO’s food budget by 14,980 pounds.
- CCO served over 200,000 meals to hungry Chicagoans in 2012.

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