Monday, May 20, 2013

Great Cover!

People have been writing to me/commenting on the cover of my new book. With all modesty I say, I know!

Here are the people I use, and have in fact done ALL my (e-book) covers. Nine3Nine Creative

They can do anything--really. T-shirts, signs, websites, covers, logos, illustrations. And did I mention they're FAST? Yeah. I e-mailed my idea/concept and within an hour had the above. For Beyond Paradise I'd had the photo taken when the book was first published with Morrow back in 2000 but the editor decided to go with their own in-house. Thus, ten years later I e-mailed the jpeg to Nine3Nine and, again, within an hour the boys mailed me back. This was soooo easy.

Full-disclosure: I now write web content for Nine3Nine. Through the back and forth on covers they now contact me if they need someone to run down content, etc or at least help them with mock up text.

There you go. Relationship building. so for all my friends and clients that I'm helping edit their memoir manuscript--I direct you to Nine3Nine Creative. Your one-stop shop for no hassle covers.

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