Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Work!

I'm on page 46! CLICK HERE

The Happy Couple by Gessy Alvarez
Distance by Susan Tepper
Cents of Wonder Rhymes with Orange by David S. Atkinson
Cul-de-Sacs & Blindfolds by Ahimaaz Rajesh
Works by Howie Good
Huge Things Happen by Meg Tuite
The Pissing Man by Tom Barlow
Fly Away by Jane Hoppen
The Chicken Sees by Monique Roussel
Works by Kyle Hemmings
Bubbled Up All Over by Kate LaDew
Dream Maker by Robert Vaughan
Living Alone by Joe Jatcko
Death Car Girl by Brandon French
Sabeen by MaryAnne Kolton
Legacy by JP Reese
A Few Things He Didn’t Mention by Josepha Gutelius
Nelson by Jason DeYoung
Works by Jocelyn Crawley

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