Thursday, January 17, 2013

You Say Hello, I Say Goodbye

My friend and underground street photographer, Fred Burkhart is having a gallery opening tomorrow, January 18 at Alibi Fine Art here in Chicago (1966 West Montrose Avenue  Chicago, IL 60613). I met Fred a few years ago and I can truly say he has opened my eyes. I see things differently.

Also he wears hats.

Some of Fred’s most controversial subjects has been an intimate portrait of members of the KKK and chronicling Chicago's Gay Pride Parade since its beginning. In addition he is the house photographer for JesusPeople USA a 350-member community on the northside of Chicago. He is one of ours.

Here is a clip from a recent article found in the Examiner.
** Burkhart’s memoir is his art.
**He says decisions about what he photographed never felt deliberate. “Photography is a collaboration, and sometimes it’s not on the surface. When you fall in love with someone, you know it, pow. You’re choosing each other, and there’s a certain trust there. When you photograph them, people hand you their image…”

Now in his 71st year Fred is winding down. He has Stage 4 cancer and this, his first-ever show, might well be his very last. If in the area please come out to the gallery.

ALSO check out this video recently completed about Fred by Heather Momyer, in which I am found testifying as to who Fred is—to me.

Quote from Fred’s Facebook about the video: This video touches on what is so important and life-changing about my evolution as a photographer, how it's brought me at last close to a community that I can identify with -- a community that I can love and share a common thread with: We are born here of God and that's the necessary incentive to tag tag my photos as “Images of God.”
"You say goodbye and I say hello", by Fred Burkhart, a photo from his first-ever gallery show
Fred Burkhart, street photographer

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