Friday, November 2, 2012

No news is GOOD News

Yesss!!! Hold on for upcoming announcement.
Until then . . . .
I’m in this
 And a new story appears here

 Now, late at night sometimes, when I’m lonely and afraid to sleep, I find myself thinking of St. Basil, resting there in the dark.

Also last night it was A Gift of the Magi—I decided to surprise my husband and went to the airport to meet his plane. I waited at the wrong arrival gate for 2 hours. I got home to find him waiting for me. Just like a turn of the century couple—the last century, not this one—we both have no cell phones. I flew into his arms.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Jane!! I'm always in awe people who can write fiction. I'm happy you are getting recognition for your work!

Jane said...

it's a personal essay!!

Jane said...

thanks Tammygrrrl

Sheila said...

I forget my cell phone or the person I'm calling has his turned off. I think I'm "connected" when I'm not, which is probably worse than always being disconnected.

Which reminds me -- If we do get stuck in a bad traffic snarl on the way to the program, I'll call the library and give them a message to give to you.