Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Walking Past the Graveyard

Walking Past the Graveyard
for Jhan Moskowitz, dear brother

Walking through the graveyard
(I have just missed eternity)
And viewing the dates on the stones
(all these were once alive)
My own grandfather was born in 1879
(so long ago!)
He was not so unlike the lucky stiffs around me
(except he is a direct link to my past)
Slipstream, a shift in time
(there by the grace of God go I)
Incidentally they have one thing in common
(if not more, but one obvious)
No matter when born, we are destined to die.

And in this regard I am you
Mother, Father, Sister, Brother,
Our Little Lamb.

I am beyond words, here, sorrowing upon the news coming out of Brooklyn regarding Jhan. 

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